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Happy Birthday, Andy!!

3307 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

Since 31 is such a big deal of a birthday, this year I decided to go all out and get you an iPad! Congrats buddy, you’ll be the envy of all the cool kids.

April Fools. Sorry buddy. I wish I could!

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Happy birthday, Jake!!!

3337 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

Hooray for Jake!!

Hope you have a super fantastic birthday, my friend. You can take a sigh of relief in knowing that soon, spring will be here, the snow will melt, the days will get longer, and happiness will be restored to all the land. Or something. And, St. Patrick’s Day is soon, too! So, I’d say you’ve got a pretty good birthday.

I’m posting this here, sadly unsure of whether anyone will see it. I’ve been suspecting the demise of GoofyGuys for a while now, but it’s a painful reality that’s becoming more and more apparent. You’ve served us well for many years, Goof. I’m not ready to say goodbye, but I may be in the minority. I definitely prefer it to Facebook for interacting with you guys, because Facebook is just so big and noisy. This is more private and exclusive to us. But that may not be enough of a reason. Plus, I suspect you’ve been silently funding it’s hosting all these years, Jake, and we all appreciate it. It wouldn’t be fair to you to keep paying for it if we don’t use it. So I’ll let you decide what should become of it.

But that’s enough Goofy morbidity for now. A birthday is a time to celebrate, and celebrate you should. Have a beer, relax, and look forward to a magical trip to the Bahamas in a few short weeks.


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Extreme LED Sheep

3387 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler


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3408 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

Go see this movie! In 3D! I’m not going to write a review here, other than to say that this movie was awesome, and the 3D was amazing. Go see it! I can’t get the movie out of my head. I want to go see it again.

Here’s a great review on Gizmodo, not of the film itself, but of the 3D.

Have you guys seen it? What did you think? If not, GO SEE IT! In 3D! Then report back.

Seen any other good movies lately?

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28 Days Later

3414 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

Holy crap, has it really been 28 days since my last post? I check in pretty regularly to see if there’s been any sign of life, but I still didn’t realize it had been that long!

Oh well, like my last post, I don’t have anything ALL that important to say. I mainly want to point out two interesting things that have come to my attention.

The first is Maple Bacon Ice Cream. When I first saw those four words together, I did a cartoonish double-take. I actually saw it on a web ad for eBay, featuring food network chef Elizabeth Falkner. It was a very cool web ad! I almost never click web ads, but with this one, I clicked on it and it played a whole 3-minute video of her assembling this ice cream right in the little strip of this banner ad. Anyway, I’ve got an ice cream maker, so I tried it. It’s good! Seriously good! I used Neuske’s bacon, a high quality ultra-intense applewood smoked bacon from Wisconsin that I get from the butcher at The Fresh Market in Westport. And really dark, really flavorful maple syrup from Vermont. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste I suppose. My whole family thought it was a terrible idea, but after making it they’ve all conceded that it’s surprisingly good. (They still won’t sit down with a bowl of the stuff though.) Even I’ll admit that you have to be in the mood for it… I made myself a bowl the other night, but couldn’t eat much of it. It was too intense for me at that moment. But I’m eating some as I type this and loving it! Sweet and salty! And smokey!

I couldn’t find it with Google, so it mustn’t have a dedicated web site. But I did download it as a PDF, which I’ll link to here. I have serious doubts as to whether anyone in GoofyGuys’ infinitesimally small readership will make this, but there you go.


Something else I thought was noteworthy…

Today on Gizmodo I read about a company called Shidonni that allows you to draw a cute little critter on their website, and then they hand stitch an adorable plush version for you. And while $85 seems like way too much to spend on an ordinary stuffed animal, it seems like a downright bargain for an experience like this! Check it out!


And finally, while I know there’s a link to my Flickr account on the front page, LOOK AT MY CUTE BOYS!!

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Two unrelated posts in one

3443 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler


Gotta love Threadless. Well I do, anyway. I thought I’d share this design depicting Velma and Scooby as the “sole survivors of a Monsterpocalypse.” It’s just great. Check out all the details. And I love that Scooby is depicted as a real dog rather than a cartoon. Note the “R.I.P. S+F+D” on the Mystery Misery Machine. Heh heh heh.



Have you heard of Lala? You probably have, and I’m just the last guy on Earth to find out about it. I found it via Google’s new music search feature…. you do a Google search for an artist, and at the top of the search results page, it gives you a little player where you can listen to entire songs right there. They’re either hosted by MySpace Music (and I’m SO done with MySpace) or Lala.

Lala. is a music site where you can buy MP3s or CDs, but you can also stream whole albums in their entirety. The first time, anyway. You can listen to anything in it’s entirety once, and if you want to hear it again, you have to pay for it. But here’s another cool thing: in addition to being able to buy physical CDs and MP3 downloads (for much cheaper than iTunes or Amazon, I might add), you can also buy “Web Albums” for ridiculously cheap. A web album (or individual tracks) is basically where the songs remain online, but in your “Collection” on Lala, where you can hear it anytime from any computer. It’s obviously not as good as downloading the MP3 and putting it on your iPod, but it’s really inexpensive to go this route (for example, a 12-track album is $1.08!!) and I for one am around a computer often enough in my life, that this would be a viable option. It’s great for albums you’re not sure you love enough to sink 10 bucks into yet. Or another way to think about it is that you’re test-driving the music. It sure beats the 30-second clips on iTunes! Plus, you get 25 web-tracks just for creating an account.

One band I just discovered (and really like!) is the Kings of Convenience, a “folk-pop” duo from Norway. I first heard them on WFUV (member supported rock/folk/ecclectic radio from Fordam University) and was able to really explore their music on Lala. They’ve got this great mellow, sophisticated acoustic sound. Love it.

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Carl Sagan Awesomeness

3482 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

I just found this buried deep in the comments of a Gizmodo article, and it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen on YouTube in a while. Some guy who goes by the moniker “Colorpulse” took clips from Carl Sagan’s 1980 TV series Cosmos, and spliced them together with an incredible music score in which Sagan’s voice is synthesized to sing the melody. There’s also an appearance by Stephen Hawking. This is just so totally cool. And it makes me want to see the TV series!

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Arthur's Day

3496 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

Today is September 24th, and is Arthur’s Day!! It’s the 250th anniversary of Guinness! Everyone have a toast to our favorite Irish brewer. Cheers!

On a semi-side note, you all know I’ve always struggled with my weight. Well, last week I started Weight Watchers, and so far I’m off to a good start. But I was missing beer. So I did a little search to see how many “points” are in a Guinness, and I stumbled upon this article about a guy who lost 65lbs while drinking dark beer and whiskey the whole time!

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My boys!

3505 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

It’s nice having a photographer for a father! He shot a few pics for us the other night. Have a look!

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Incredible Time Lapse

3514 days ago · from the mouth of Tyler

Well we need SOMETHING going on over here…

I found this amazing video on Gizmodo. It’s a time lapse of the night sky, showing the arm of the Milky Way rising like you’ve never seen it before. The red lights in the bottom corners are the other participants in this star party in Texas where this was shot. Click on the video to see it on Vimeo in HD and to read the interesting comments about how it was shot.

And of course, watch it in full screen!

Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman on Vimeo.

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