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What's better than Nightmare?

Oct 29, 12:09 AM · from the mouth of Jim

Why yes my fine furry friends, there is truly something better than The Nightmare Before Christmas. Why yes… it’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D!

I really don’t think there’s much point to babbling. Quite simply, they just took what was already perfect and made it more perfecter. If it’s near you, go see it. If it’s not near you, fly out here and come see it. :)

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Yay for my honey!!!

Oct 27, 01:14 AM · from the mouth of Jim

FYI – my woman wrote a grant for her classroom and got it!!! YAY – she rocketh! Wo0t1!

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Sherry Crocked Pork Loin Roast

Oct 27, 12:54 AM · from the mouth of Jim

OK, I had to share this one cuz it was so incredibly economical, easy and tasty. Go grab the Pork Loin with Sherry and Red Onions recipe from here to use as your base recipe. I made the following modifications to it that I think should’ve been there in the first place. :)

My Modifications:

  1. Rub the meat with kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper corns. Screw measuring. :)
  2. Sear each side of the roast in a little bit of butter over high (or med. high for stainless) heat in your skillet (2-3 minutes per side on average).
  3. Plop it into the crock.
  4. Sauté the red onions in butter (and in the same skillet) over medium heat to the point where they’re barely starting to caramelize. You may want to do them in batches so they don’t just clot up and steam. Sprinkle a bit of kosher salt and pepper over them as they cook.
  5. If you can’t find Pearl Onions (as I couldn’t) you can substitute cocktail onions (in fact, I think the vinegar in them added to the recipe and I’ll use ‘em again the next time I make it). Sauté them over medium to medium high heat until they’ve started to brown on the outsides a tiny bit.
  6. Deglaze the pan over medium to medium low heat with the Sherry making sure to get up all the delicious little brown bits.
  7. Pour the deglazed sauce over the roast.
  8. Mix up the onions and surround the roast with them.
  9. Sprinkle the Parsely (I used roughly 1/4 cup instead of the piddly 2 Tbs) over the whole kit-n-kaboodle.
  10. Follow all the rest of the directions for crocking it and making the sauce. (Though, if you’re like me and don’t like corn starch based gravies, you might substitute the starch for flour.)

There ya go. I let mine go for 10 hours on low. The pork was so tender that I actually had trouble carving it – it fell apart. In fact, it probably would have been easier just to pull it instead of trying to carve it. Man, for a simple recipe this was amazingly good. We picked up an 8lb pork loin from Sam’s for something ridiculously cheap – like $12. I carved 2×2.5lb roasts out of it and then made chops outa the rest.

Oh – one more thing! Don’t use cooking Sherry!!! Just like cooking wine, the stuff is crap. Go to a liquor store and buy the cheapest extra dry Sherry that you can. Even the cheapest crap from a liquor store will be ten times better than that salty flavorless piss water they sell in the grocery stores.

K, love me and enjoy! (Enjoy loving me that is…)

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Perfection... or nearly

Oct 11, 01:34 AM · from the mouth of Jim

So what is better than eating chocolate and drinking the brew of the gods… nothing really. (OK, so maybe my love for my wonderful woman person, but that’s just so sappy.)

So yeah, I just figured I would make the Tyty happy by posting and thought I would report that I am drinking some Extra Stout from a genuine Guinness glass (the ones with the real gold foil) and eating a warm cholocate muffin half. This is quite a lovely state if I may say so myself. The business taxes are something that need to get done, but since I just spent two hours cooking and cleaning, I figure a few minutes to type this up won’t hurt. Then again, I’ll be prepping some corned beef and cabbage up shortly for tomorrow’s dinner, so I’m afraid the taxes aren’t going to get finished. Wow, interesting that I’m drinking Guinness and that I’ll be prepping corned beef and cabbage, I really didn’t plan on having a late St. Paddy’s day – but that’s OK with me.

K, so how’s everyone doing? I’m quite fine myself. The old jobber isn’t anything terribly thrilling these days what with the shutting down of our company and letting go of everyone – we’re sorta just keeping everything running, which coincidentally isn’t that hard since we were such a damn good team and have always had a pretty well oiled datacenter. Outside o’ that, the photo business is humming along quite nicely. We don’t have quite the same load as last year, but that’s not a terribly bad thing since we were nutso this time a year ago. We’ll still hopefully make a decent amount of the $$ signs – and there are two new bodies budgetted in our futures (D200 and 30D), so all is well.

K, well, even I’m getting bored of this post as I’m typing it, so love you all and buhbye.


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Happy Tyty Day!!!

Sep 29, 07:24 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Yay for the Tyty!!! For he hath aged again. Let’s all get blitzed and celebrate!!!

Love, Jim

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Rhubarb Pudding

Aug 28, 02:21 AM · from the mouth of Jim

I have to share this recipe for Rhubarb Pudding because it is just so durn good.

As seems to be the tradition just about everywhere, usually rhubarb in the stores looks rather spindly and icky, but today it looked incredibly good; so I bought me some and decided to make rhubarb pudding. I didn’t want to pull it out of my memory banks (I remember watching my momma make it as a kid, but it was too rusty) so I googled around and found the aforementioned recipe.

I did, of course, take the liberty of an adjustment or two:

  1. Substitute 1 cup sugar for 1/2 cup honey (in the rhubarb ‘n water mix)
  2. Use baker’s sugar instead of standard sugar

By the way, I guessed at which casserole to use and I guessed correctly, so I’ll share – an 8×8 pan works perfectly, BUT! put down some foil below the pan because you will get a bit of boil over while it’s baking.

Anywho, it’s very worth the try if you have fresh/can find fresh rhubarb. Oy I miss the HUGE ASS patches we had in Durham. When all this foundation repair and re-landscaping is done, you can bet that rhubarb will be planted somewhere. :)

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Green Eggs and Ham

May 14, 05:05 PM · from the mouth of Jim

A Tale of Good Deeds (and of green eggs and ham)

Yesterday afternoon we were driving along a scenic series of back roads between Loveland and Boulder when we spotted something dark and pointy-eared walking along the centerline of the road. We pulled over and found ourselves looking at a cute, happy Aussie/Blue Heeler mix that patiently waited for us by sitting right to the side of our car. After discovering that she had no tags, we opened our doors and motioned her inside.

We looked about and discovered a sign that had a phone number on it at the end of a nearby driveway. We called this number hoping that the owner was at the other end of it. The lady that picked up was friendly, stated that the dog was not hers, but that she’d run up the driveway and check her out. When she and her son came into view, we heard “oh, that’s Smokey!” from the young boy.

After some chatting, the lady sent her son away to return Smokey to their neighbors. Just as we were about to drive off, they ran back up to the car and asked if we would like some farm fresh eggs. Being the egg snobs that I/we am/are, the lady ran off to fetch us some eggs. When she returned, they asked us if we had ever seen green eggs. A quick look inside the cover of the egg carton revealed pastel green colored eggs. They truly do exist!

There is a type of hen, the Ameraucana, that actually lays real fairy tale eggs. Check out the first variety on this link for more information. I can’t seem to find a ton of other information about these guys, but we’re not crazy! (err, well, not about this at least)

This morning we experienced a true taste of Dr. Seuss and felt that it was worthy enough to share. “say! i like green eggs and ham! i do! i like them, sam-i-am!” – ©Dr. Seuss

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Microsoft designs the iPod packaging

Mar 1, 07:30 PM · from the mouth of Jim

Methinks a few people in this crowd will appreciate this. Make sure you have sound available; the music really makes it.

BTW oh great Iackypoo – it seems as though I’ve had problems posting comments since the upgrade. It presents the preview, but never actually posts after I attempt to submit the final version. Just an FYI…

Update: don’t kill yourself jake – I’m starting to suspect it’s our big f*ing piece of SHIOT proxy server here; I suspect it’s not refreshing the post data or something properly. I’ll try commenting from home since you guys are all seemingly working. The following is my reply to the TyTy.

Hehe – I think my woman would not be happy. :) Last night she was like, “you can pick one: we shoot canon and use mac, or we shoot nikon and use PC.” Though, I later found out that her biggest gripe with the mac was the lack of two buttons (which I shared until I got this G4 and realized that you could use normal two button meese.) She seems more open to the idea of a mac in the house now. :) You really do have to admit that single button mice are inferior – I’ll never let that argument fizzle. :-D It still astounds me that apple just won’t let go…

Either way, as nice as OS X is, my current workstation’ll stay where it is for at least a year or so longer. I’ve tuned it out so much for processing that it’s getting the job done quite well for now.

Now I’m just hurting to have 10.4.x on the G4. I’m dying to try Adobe’s Lightroom beta, but they don’t support Panther. Grrrr…

On another note – mac people don’t make, umm, how you say, “acquiring” software as easy as it should be. Though .dmg files are a tremendously well executed use of great technology, people seem to be over using them. I pulled a certain DVD with some “stuff” on it, later to find that someone had just dumped the contents of “smaller stuffs” into it and partitioned it off. It was all swell and neat from a technological distribution point of view, but not worth a shit if you needed to boot off of one of these “sub-things.” In any case, it was just kinda funny to me. I think I have a “thing” pulling right now that is a true .iso image that’ll be bootable… udderwise I may have to have one of yous guys make (another) attempt at supplying for my needs. And no, I’m not talking technological needs… raarrrr… ;)

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I feel dirty!

Feb 24, 12:58 AM · from the mouth of Jim

I’m afraid it’s true. I now own a Power Mac G4 – and… well, you see…

:: wipes sweat off brow ::

I kind of like it.

:: breaks down weeping in joy and in confusion ::

I know, I know… I’m a closet Mac user. I have tasted Panther and it seems sweet. (Yep Jake, found a copy of it – but still can’t seem to lay my hands on Tiger.) Although something in my core feels dirty to admit all this, we must remember that OSX is based on FreeBSD and the power Mac is based on OpenFirmware, so it doesn’t make me all that dirty. ;)

Anyway, I just had to get that out of my system – it will help me come to terms with what I am.


So it’s really a toy more than anything right now since it’s a dual 450 G4 and it doesn’t have half the horse of my main workstation. But it’s still kinda fun to tinker with.

Anywho, to follow – we’ll explore a neat new beer I tried tonight. It was quite refreshing and pleasant.

-Fellow Mac User
(this doesn’t change the fact that I’m truly a *nix user at heart, k?) :)

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Lobster Dinner Anyone?

Jan 18, 03:29 AM · from the mouth of Jim

Too bad something else beat us to it…

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