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Trip to Ireland

Aug 25, 05:14 PM · from the mouth of Jake

KopparbergSnail on the Cliffs of MoherI still hope to post a more expansive post about my trip over at the other weblog but that might take a while. So I thought I’d point you guys at least to my pictures of the trip. The girls took a couple thousand more themselves but they’re not online yet. I’ll try and link them here when they get online (and somewhere other than Facebook).

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Sorry Mr. Pease, she's cuter when she does it.

May 29, 11:09 AM · from the mouth of Jake

So for today’s totally random discovery I’d like to submit a video of Olivia Munn doing the “dooey” sound that Andrew made so famous. Considering she claims to have learned it in 9th grade I believe Andy preceded her by many years (middle school?).

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Alton Brown Geeks Out With Gizmodo.

Sep 8, 03:32 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Though you guys would appreciate this (especially TyTy and Yimmy) interview with Alton Brown. He talks about the equipment they used to film his new Feasting On Waves show.

Alton Brown

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Too bad Russian doesn't use runes.

Aug 21, 02:18 PM · from the mouth of Jake

I just had to include this article about Lord British for the awesome quote…

[…]persuaded his high school teachers that learning Basic code counted as fulfilling his foreign-language requirement.

Going to Space? First Stop: Eight Months of Grueling Training in Russia’s Star City [from: Kotaku]

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Mario Paint Composer

Jul 7, 01:41 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Mario Paint Composer.I know you guys remember goofing around with Mario Paint on the SNES. Especially you, Andy. Well someone created a port of it in Adobe Director. Enjoy!

Mario Paint Composer (via Lifehacker, check their comments for the Mac version).

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May 13, 11:33 AM · from the mouth of Jake

Sharing this would have been easiest in a Facebook post to profile. But seriously you guys will appreciate this so much more. Perhaps only because I can imagine us [especially TyTy] doing this without provocation. - Dad?

Too bad the Photoshop ability is all over the spectrum.

via. BoingBoing

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Build me a body!

Apr 17, 04:26 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Krang: [Bebop and Rocksteady] will fail, Shredder; they always fail!
Shredder: But what choice do I have?! Only mutants are immune to the Mesmerizer’s beam; humans like myself can’t be near it when they set it off!
Krang: You don’t have to explain it to me; I invented it, remember?
Shredder: I wasn’t explaining it to you! (points at the camera) I was explaining it to them.

I don’t really have any room for more t-shirts so I figured I’d let you guys know about this one. It features Krang from TMNT situated in your belly.

Krang You might remember this site from most of my silly shirts; I foot Madlibs, Turtle Power (I know the male model on that one from college), Triple Nerd Score, The Beets, and sadly many more.


We're putting the band back together.

Feb 27, 05:48 PM · from the mouth of Jake

Well I saw something a while ago that made me think of you guys. However it was something (especially after researching some more) that would be pretty ludicrous. But maybe when the technology improves…

eJamming: Skype for musicians

The idea is to let musicians practice together even when they can’t get together physically, or to let students and teachers work together remotely.

So the theory goes we could prepare for future weddings by rehearsing over the Internet. But as the article mentions without being able to see each other and the fact that costs money (per musician) it’s not a very practical solution.

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Deleted Scene from "Life of Brian"

Nov 19, 11:51 AM · from the mouth of Jake

As usual I can’t actually watch this at work but I thought it needed to be exposed as soon as possible. It’s apparently a cut scene from Life of Brian and will be included on a new release of the film.

Nazi Jews – A Deleted Scene From Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ –


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