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Dec 7, 01:57 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

This message is geared towards the red headed slut Ty and the ex long haired hippie, Jim. Back when we first visited Jim at his poon palace we discussed having a form of a “health contest” to keep each other motivated into getting in shape. The other night randomly my brain remembered Jim’s post when we were discussing various beers and he said something along the lines of “ugg just when I’m going on a diet.” Well now we can start our “New Years Resolutions” and I thought this would be a good place to keep each other posted. We can give each other AIDS by doing monthly picture posts, and tips and tricks that we use when trying to obtain an apple or onion ass for the ladies. Of Course Jake, Andy and the Keebler Elf are welcome to join in on our show. (Jake I need someone to join me at the gym besides Tristin – I don’t get any workout done with her) What do you hoes think?

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Photography Help

Nov 18, 01:32 AM · from the mouth of Bryan

This is directed mainly at Jim and Jake and Ty Ty too even though I alread asked you. My question to you guys is, I want to take some pictures of my aquarium and others, is there a special lense I would need for my camera? Can I get away with just a filter? Your thoughts…...

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Vacation update

Nov 16, 10:54 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

Well, so far we have a couple of ideas. New England adventure, microbreweries, keep things, inexpensive, all sounds like good ideas to me so far. Here is another suggestion. Cancun. I know I mentioned it before, financially though, it makes sense. Think about it. If we go to a microbrewery “everyday” (which not to sound negative, is something that we could do basically year round) wound easily run us up a bill of say $100/night between the 6 of us. That comes out to $700 dollars for the week, and that doesn’t even include breakfast lunch, and food and drinks inbetween. Now, if we went to cancun, each person would pay $60/day which equals out to be the magic number $420 for the week. Now, what the $60/day includes is any food wether it’s breakfast lunch or dinner, 24 hours a day (which also includes roomservice at anytime 24 hours a day) AND ALL ALCOHOL!! If you were to tally up the alcohol consumption each of us could have everyday from beers to the exotic, it would WELL be over $60/person/day, and that’s not even including the food, and trust me guys, you have so much food to choose from. (by the way, they also STOCK THE FRIDGE every day!) other “all inclusive” items are on the website. Now, next topic, hotel room. The hotel I can get us is considered 5 star, royal crown. It’s on the beach and you have never seen a more beautiful site in the morning or at night, from those hotel rooms. The cost, if we were to split the rooms into 2 people/room, it would cost each person $250 for the full seven days (and we could even get away with 3 people/room comfortably, which would cost each of us even less). Also, there is another hotel, attached to this one, that we can also use all of there facilities as well, including the other hotels swim up to pool bar!
here is the link to the hotel:
under resort ID put 4363
the other “all inclusive” items are mentioned there
another point: {We won’t need a designated driver!!!}
The only major expense out of that would be the plane tickets, which would cost us roughly between $600 to $800/person. Now my challenge to you guys is simply this, do the math.
to do this trip, the estimated cost is $1000/person which come out to saving approx. $167/month, for 6 months, starting in January.
If you can calculate how much the trip from Maine and back would cost us in terms of gas, wear and tear on the cars, hotels, buying beer individually/day, food, etc. If you can come up with a number more cost efficient, let me know. Also, please weigh into the math equations WHERE you are going, Cancun is definately more exotic then Maine, and yes, there is ALOT to do there beyond the amazing clubs. Under our “treatment”, we get the royal treatment, if there is something that we want to do, they will arange it for us. If you can find a better price then what I can get us for this kind of a trip, then I’ll be shocked. The only thing I can’t get my hands on in terms of a discount for us, is the plane tickets, which we might be able to get a deal for through someone else. I also want to stress that, yeah I did suggest the New England idea, but this could be an opportunity that probably won’t come by for us later on in our lives. Tyler is getting married, and the rest of us will follow. Do we really think that we would have this opportunity later in our lives? Please give it a consideration.
I’m Peter Jennings, thank you and goodnight.

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The Bill O'Reilly Factor

Nov 10, 03:39 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

Hello my fellow sperm distributing anal dwelling monkeys. In a recent email our red headed slut Tyler sent us, under whom would you least likely like to be stuck in a room with, Ty TY you put Bill O’Reilly. I spider sensed some tension twords him within all of you on vacation. My question to you guys is, where does the hatred twords Bill O’Reilly come from? I personally watch his show on an on and off basis (depending on when I can catch it) and have two of his books. Your thoughts…...

Oh, and Jim and John, you guys haven’t put your sperm into Circle Jer with a hot Carl and a game of who’s in my mouth

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a very special cruise

Nov 9, 12:21 PM · from the mouth of Bryan Hey guys, my father just sent this one to me and I wish to share it with you Kerry supporters =) It’s kinda funny, enjoy!

We at Carnival Cruise Lines are not forgetting that a lot of
entertainers promised to leave the country if George W.Bush
were to be re-elected President.

With that in mind, we have a Special Offer for those who
still want to keep their promise!

Attention: Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell and her “wife”, Ed
Asner, Janneane Garafalo, Whoopi Goldberg, Al Franken,
Michael Moore, Cher, Phil Donahue, Rob Reiner(apparently
still a “meathead”), Barbara Streisand, Jane Fonda, and the
entire staffs of the LA and NY Times and anyone else who
made that promise, please dispose of all US assets and
report to Florida for the sailing of the Funship
Cruise, “Elation,” which has been commissioned to take you
to your new vacation homes in Afghanistan.

You may opt to be dropped off in Somalia orIraq or some
similar sunny location.

The Florida Supreme Court will sponsor a Farewell Parade in
your honor through Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade
counties prior to your cruise.

Please pack for an extended stay… at least FOUR MORE

Note: Since you advocate strict gun control, you may not
bring any.

Staffing your voyage is Bill Clinton as captain, John
Edwards as cruise director, and Gray Davis, as Purser (the
guy in charge of managing the

money). “Teh-RAY-sah” Heinz Kerry hopefully will be shoved

below decks away from the media.

Monica Lewinsky will be the “Cigar and Cigarette Girl”.
Entertainment will be provided by the Dixie Chicks and Bruce
Springsteen, and movies will be shown each evening by
Michael Moore.

John Kerry will be our Life Guard based on his past
experience of pulling people out of the water. He is also
in charge of games and has eliminated “shuffleboard” in
favor of his new game he calls

“waffleboard”. Be sure to pack your flip flops as you will
need them

while playing.

Ted Kennedy will double as Bartender and back-up Life
Guard. He only qualifies as back-up Life Guard since his
experience in rescuing people from drowning has not been too

Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will provide
inspirational services, and Al Franken will give
inspirational talks each afternoon.

If you have any questions about making arrangements for your
homes, friends and loved ones, please contact Senator
Hillary Clinton. Her “village” can raise your children
while you’re gone, and she can watch over all your money and
your furnishings until you return.

“Bon Voyage!”

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Circle Jerk with a hot Carl and a game of who's in my mouth

Nov 9, 12:05 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

I figured I would start to raise the question earlier this year. In the event for a possible re-uniting of the goofyguys next summer, are there any ideas for an adventure? I suggest that Jim fly back to the mainland and Tyler cruise on up in his royal sex machine. I am suggesting a New England adventure. Even if it’s for an extended weekend, I still feel that we should find time to give each other a hot Carl. I guess my question is: Where, do we want to go? I suggest a trip that begins in Maine and works its way down to NYC with stopping at places along the way. What do you fudge packers think? I figured I’d say something now so that we can start saving some cash/money for the trip. Oh and Tyler, thanks for shaving your pubes for me, I really needed some dental floss

-Marijuana, hey at least its not crack!

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The Penis Game

Nov 6, 07:16 PM · from the mouth of Bryan


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Wowsers my first post

Nov 4, 10:27 PM · from the mouth of Bryan

Hey there fellow masterminds of Ni, just thought Id give you guys a Bryan update. I myself, like Jim have been looking for a job. It’s been about a month now and the results as of this week look very promising. With business, things are going well. We are trying to figure out our goals for the end of the year and for 2005. The business looks to be very promising. I’m in the process of finishing up the new website for the business and I’m looking forward to getting it up soon. I’ll keep you guys posted. I’m open to any suggestions if you guys have any. So that’s it, fuck you and I love you all.

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