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Colorado part 2 - food!

3589 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

The comments are getting long on the last post. So we’re moving.

Lisa and I have been thinking about what we’ll eat in Colorado. By my count we’ll be having 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners together (1 less of each for Jake). So there’s lots of room to play with what we might wanna eat. Here are a couple of thoughts that we’re having at the moment:

1. Lisa makes some very unique wings using red currant jelly and hot sauce. They would be good to have along with some other appetizer-type stuff.
2. We also have an egg cuber. Seriously, it makes hard-boiled eggs into cubes.
3. We also like poached eggs, usually with some kind of salmon. And Lisa makes her own biscuits (although altitude might be a factor for those). And she makes some of the world’s best scones. Not to mention pancakes from scratch. In fact, we have lots of brunch tricks that might come in handy. So let’s have at least one brunch. =)
4. Is it safe to assume we’re grilling something on the 4th?

I also am figuring out how I’ll bring 6 bottles of Ommegang (1 of each variety) out there… United makes it sound difficult! Anyone have any experience with this?

So, what else can we expect to eat?

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3608 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

So Lisa and I have been saving the dates for a Colorado excursion on 4th of July weekend. Sarah says it’s great idea (although Jimmy is mum – say something Jimothy!!) What say the rest of you? We’re flexible on exact dates.

Hope all’s well with babies (Tyty) and travel (Jakey-poo) and millions of photos of barely legal girls (Jimmy-pie).

Love Andy =)

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3650 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

It’s been awfully quiet here… yet so many questions remain unanswered!

TYLER – are you a daddy twice over yet?

JAKE – How was Japan? Where’s the posting?!

JIMMY – Are we go for Colorado on or near the Fourth????? I really want to know! Lisa and I have the days set aside. Even BRYAN wants to come!! Plus I have to plan how much Ommegang and what kind to pack for the trip! There are so many varieties…

Let’s keep this old beast breathing. Make me a comment, or I will hunt you down and… and… well, I don’t know, but it won’t be entirely pleasant!

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Happy Holidays - and more!

3771 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

Hey all! Sorry to have not posted for so long, especially given the spectacular news that Lisa and I have! That’s right, we’re engaged! Not that you didn’t know that already. But obviously it’s not official until it hits goofyguys. So there ya go. The wedding will be summer 2010 (we’re aiming for August) in or around NYC, and you are all invited! And I promise I’ll post pictures of us and the ring once I actually have them.

I also wanted to wish you all the best of all possible holidays. Lisa and I will not be around CT at all really. You see, my mom decided to get our whole family a cruise for Christmas. So we’re getting on a plane to Tampa at something like 5am tomorrow. We get on the boat on xmas day, cruise down to Cozumel, then come back on the 29th, at which point we fly to Cleveland, where we’ll be staying until the the 4th. BUT keep your eyes open because I imagine we’ll be having an engagement party in CT at some point January. Regardless, I promise we’ll see as many of you as possible as soon as we can.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the fantastic New Yorker article about Dogfish Head to keep you busy. Happy Holidays!

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Happy birthday Tyty!

3855 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

OK, so this is almost late… but it’s still your bday. May it be a happy one!

Here’s some happy news: I went to a medieval fair in my old neighborhood way uptown yesterday. We stopped at my old grocery store on the way home, where I had originally discovered buffalo bill’s pumpkin ale. Well, lo and behold, they had 3 types of pumpkin ale I had never before seen! Dogfish Punkin, something by Wolaver’s, and one more that I didn’t have enough hands to carry. So my fridge is super stocked with pumpkin ale now in your honor.

Also, while we’re celebrating, Happy Jewish New Year!

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School's out for summer!

3949 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

Yesterday was my last day of school! Yes, they go to the BITTER END of June in New York State, but now I have 2 solid months off. I’ve been thinking about what to do with myself, and here are 10 things I’ve come up with.

1. GO ON A NEW YORK BEER ADVENTURE. This is an easy one, actually. Fairway, my local grocery store, has just added 42 beers to its already impressive collection. AND they keep most of them in their special cold room, which Jim and Sarah have seen. Some that I’m definitely going to look at are new additions by Southern Tier (you may remember them for the Pum-King that made us all foam at the mouth for more) and Dale’s Pale Ale, which was chosen as a favorite in the NY Times article about American Pale Ales last year, despite coming in a can! Plus there are several other beer-themed establishments around the city that I still have to check out. And I could use some company, so if any of you guys want to come down to the city and come on one of these OR suggest an adventure location in CT or elsewhere, just let me know. I’m actually thinking of inviting my friend Bill on this, so we can call it “Bill and Andy’s Excellent Beer Adventure”. Whoa.

2. SEE RADIOHEAD LIVE. Radiohead is playing at the All Points West festival in New Jersey. Tickets are $89 plus $20 for the ferry to get there, and they’re only still available for August 8th, which is a Friday. But there will be several bands there all told, and it’s RADIOHEAD!!! Besides, I’m on summer vacation, so I can do it! Any of you guys interested in taking a day off to join me?

3. WRITE A NEW SONG. My iMac has garage band, and I have some time, so why not add to the Pickled Pollies ouvre? If I do some basic tracks on garage band, you guys can add to it. Right? RIGHT?

4. UPDATE ANDYPEASE.COM. Actually I already did this today, but I still think it needs work. Take a look: any suggestions from you design fiends out there?

5. HANG OUT IN CONNECTICUT. For your sake. The only problem is, gas is expensive, even when your car gets 35 MPG on the highway. But I still intend to make a point of going to CT at least once or twice for a couple days at a time.

6. TAKE A GRADUATE CLASS. I’ve been doing way too many of these, but this will be just one. I swear! Only 4 more to go and I have another masters degree, so if I space it out, one per semester starting this summer, I’m done NEXT summer!

7. GO TO CLEVELAND. I have little choice here – one of Lisa’s friends is getting married, and she’s in the wedding. Damn flying is a lot more expensive than it used to be. On the bright side, the wedding should be fun, and Cleveland has one of the world’s greatest brew pubs: Great Lakes Brewery.

8. PLAY SOME CONCERTS. Obvious, since I have my summer band, Columbia Summer Winds. This year, for the first time, I have three other conductor underlings, so I get to spend almost half my time playing my trumpet, which I’ve missed a lot these last few years. Anyhow, check us out!


10. WHATEVER YOU TELL ME TO DO. What should I do?! Give me a random assignment and I’ll do it. Be creative!

So, wanna see Radiohead? Wanna go on a beer adventure? Wanna hang out sometime? Wanna make me do crazy stuff? Hit me with some comments!

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Mac Advice

4160 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

I’ve finally hit a wall with my PC. It still works, but everything runs so painfully slowly. My productivity is seriously cut just because of all the time I waste waiting for it to work. The last straw has come recently in 2 events – my Sunday afternoon work session (grad school papers and whatnot) nearly ground to a halt thanks to a virus scan that I didn’t ask for. And starting today, I get the little Microsoft update thingy showing up on the task bar. When I click on it, it starts to download something, but then it says something like “this update cannot be installed”. That’s fine. But then it reappears again!! So I’ve basically had it.

I’ve decided to buy a Mac. I may have to wait a couple months to afford it, but I’m definitely doing it soon. I know you guys are all Mac users, so I need your advice on which product to buy. I really only use my computer for internet, music, and office-y things. But I would also like to be able to edit video of concerts and such (from my Mini-DV camcorder) and burn them onto DVD – that’s a requirement for my grad program that I’m now struggling with. Additionally, I have lots of old files in Word and Excel that I’ll still need to get at – do Macs come with any sort of Office, or do I have to buy it separately? And what sort of sound system comes with a Mac? Should I think about investing in something superior?

So, which system would I have to get to fulfill these requirements? Right now I’m leaning towards a basic iMac, but I’m not sure if it fits the bill.

I hate to bug you guys with this stuff, but none of this jumped out as obvious on the Apple website.

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Pickled Pollies go digital!

4243 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

I don’t think I need to say much here. Most of the process is explained in the link. I will say, though, that our very earliest stuff still needs to be transferred over. In the meantime, enjoy 20 tracks of Pickled Pollies brilliance!

The NEW IMPROVED Pickled Pollies sound clip page

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Milkweed Dirge

4359 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

In this cloud of nostalgia that I seem to have stirred up sits memory of our acquaintances from the Pollies days. I speak specifically of the men that were Milkweed Dirge. I still have their tape as well, featuring me on trumpet! Remember those guys?

Well, long story short, at least one of them has been making a name for himself recently. Tyondai Braxton, their singer and guitarist, is a very interesting solo artist who does crazy experiments with effects – check him out on youtube! He’s also in the band Battles, who apparently fall into the math rock genre. (I know: “math rock?”) But they’re touring Europe now – they must be doing something right! I listened, and I didn’t really like their music at first. But now I can’t get their song Atlas out of my head. It’s some good stuff!

I also, periferally, looked up Jon Zorn, the Milkweed bassist. He has also done interesting musical stuff. The others, I couldn’t find.

Now, the backstory, for the avid readers out there:

I actually first remembered them a couple years ago, when I was reading the print edition of The Onion. The back part isn’t news satire, but ads and serious, underground pop-culture review stuff. Nestled among the ads was the invitation: “to advertise in The Onion contact Tyondai Braxton at” some e-mail address. So I thought, there can only possibly be one Tyondai Braxton, former singer and guitarist of Milkweed Dirge, so I sent him an e-mail, and I was right! He sent me nice reply. And so I let it lie.

Then last summer I went with my buddy James to this concert down at the World Financial Center. Anthony Braxton, avant-garde jazzman and Wesleyan professor, was leading the premiere performance of his piece for 100 tubas. It was amazing!

While there I remembered that he was Tyondai’s father, and I told James that I’d once played in a band with his son.

So James comes back to me last week and says he’s heard about Ty – and didn’t I play in a band with that guy? Oh yeah. And that’s how I finally came to look up all the stuff above.

Intrigued? Follow the links!

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Mr. Adams

4360 days ago · from the mouth of Andy

Remember our beloved music teacher?

He’s found some of his 15 minutes of fame on… the spokesman for a nudist colony! They even put his picture up!

So, who’s gonna sign up first? ;-)

PS – Speaking of Mr. Adams, I’m pretty sure today is the anniversary of one of the Battles of the Bands we played in. It’s also, coincidentally, the anniversary of my senior thesis concert at Dartmouth. Don’t ask me how I remember this stuff. Anyhow, Pickled Pollies Rock!

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